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Online Exclusives
  1. Theodore Night Stand
    Theodore Night Stand
    Price AED 2,945 AED 1,475 Special Price AED 1,475 (50%)
  2. Theodore Stool
    Theodore Stool
    Price AED 1,395 AED 700 Special Price AED 700 (50%)
  3. Theodore Wardrobe
    Theodore Wardrobe
    Price AED 9,495 AED 4,750 Special Price AED 4,750 (50%)
  4. Theodore Bench
    Theodore Bench
    Price AED 3,195 AED 1,600 Special Price AED 1,600 (50%)
  5. Theodore Vanity
    Theodore Vanity
    Price AED 5,895 AED 2,950 Special Price AED 2,950 (50%)
  6. Theodore Drawer Cream-Gold
    Theodore Drawer Cream-Gold
    Price AED 4,825 AED 2,415 Special Price AED 2,415 (50%)
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Living Room Offer
  1. Fulgenzio Bench White
    Fulgenzio Bench White
    Price AED 2,595 AED 1,300 Special Price AED 1,300 (50%)
  2. Cayden Side Table
    Cayden Side Table
    Price AED 825 AED 660 Special Price AED 660 (20%)
  3. Amia Console Gold
    Amia Console Gold
    Price AED 4,295 AED 3,436 Special Price AED 3,436 (20%)
  4. Coffee Table Gd/Nat 118X63X40Cm
    Coffee Table Gd/Nat 118X63X40Cm
    Price AED 1,799 AED 1,080 Special Price AED 1,080 (40%)
  5. Brandon Accent Chair Gray
    Brandon Accent Chair Gray
    Price AED 2,375 AED 1,425 Special Price AED 1,425 (40%)
  6. Cadence 4 Seater
    Cadence 4 Seater
    Price AED 10,295 AED 6,175 Special Price AED 6,175 (40%)

Our Home furniture Stop Shop-2XL Furniture and Home Decor

2XL Furniture and Home Decor is a retailer of luxury home furnishings in the UAE since 2000. We offer a wide range of product selection which includes elite bedroom, living and dining room furniture as well as the home decor items, bath linen, kitchenware and lots more.  All our furniture and home decor designs are available online at 2xlme.com. You can browse as many home furniture and home decor designs across categories, sort and filter, easily select and buy the ones you like on our website, and stay updated about new designs.

Since more than a decade we are offering homemaking experience to our customers. We have grown to become UAE’s most sought-after home furniture shopping destination. We offer superior quality modern furniture in contemporary design. For us, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Furniture and home decor items are what turns your house into a home. Well-designed furniture is not just functional but also a reflection of your style and taste. We have a varied range of furniture, bedroom sets, sofa set and other home furniture to accessorize your living space. Our vast range of home furnishing products helps you to accessorize your home. You can upgrade the collection of your dinnerware sets by shopping online. We sell exclusive decor pieces like designer clocks, artwork, rugs, great gifting ideas, wall decor, stylish tableware, cushions, candle holders and much more. We also offer other home styling products like lamps, beautifully crafted rugs, edgy mirrors and frames, fine bed, storage boxes, and calligraphy dinnerware sets.

As an online furniture company dealing with home furnishings and home accessories, we know that service is as vital as our products. That is why we pay attention to every detail of the process, from the time of ordering until your order reaches your home.

The furniture and home decor items you select for a room can make or break it. The personality of the room is determined by the furniture designs you choose also it says a lot about the inhabitants of the house. Modern furniture design is all about finding the correct balance between design and functionality.

Before you shop for home furniture or home decor design, you should always picture the fully furnished rooms in your mind. If you have a large space, you have the luxury of adding a number of the latest furniture designs to it, without overcrowding it, of course. If you have a smaller space, look for multifunctional furniture designs that let you do more without taking up a lot of room space. Once you identify the purpose of your room and what pieces you would like to furnish it with, you can proceed to find the right products online.

Come, shop online at 2XL French-inspired classic and contemporary range of furniture and home decor items.





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