• Adorable Silver Chandelier to Upgrade Modern Decor

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    SKU: 91960
    Width (cm): 71
    Height (cm): 112.5
    Weight (kg): 6.6
    Care Instructions: Wipe with clean & soft cloth
    Hsn Code: 940510
    Material: Iron
    Colour: Silver


    About the product: Brighten up your living space or dining area with the adorable silver chandelier. The chandelier bearing a geometric shape gives a modern touch to your living space. Its high sense of design ups your modern decor. Such a decorative lamp measures 112.5 cm in height and 71 cm in width. It is made up of iron which makes it fit for daily use. The adorable silver chandelier brings a touch of elegance as it shines on your space. Shop now the adorable chandelier which is a must for any house decoration.

    How to care for the product: You may clean the adorable silver chandelier with a dry cloth, and it is good to go. Clean the lamp with utmost care as it is uniquely designed. Make sure to keep it away from dust as it might change the look of the chandelier.

    Why buy the product: Give your decoration ideas a new direction by placing the adorable silver chandelier in your living space. It gives a striking look to your home decor. It may serve as an ideal gift for your special ones. Make your living space or dining area feel comfortable with the adorable silver chandelier.

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