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    Three-tier Black Table for Ideal Home Decor

    Sku: 96030
    Price AED 949 AED 711 Special Price AED 711
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    Sequin Black and Silver Cushion Cover for Bedroom Decoration

    Sku: 98235
    Price AED 79 AED 23 Special Price AED 23
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    Geoff Black Matt Side Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 95446
    Price AED 539 AED 215 Special Price AED 215
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    Pia White and Black Side Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 96699
    Price AED 775 AED 232 Special Price AED 232
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    Velez Black Side Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 97864
    Price AED 345 AED 103 Special Price AED 103
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It is essential to design a stylish yet functional bedroom as this is where you spend most of your time. A properly designed bedroom will make you relaxed as well. Rooms can be decorated as per the taste and inclination of people who live there. Check out some great ways to give your bedroom a new look by visiting

Bedroom furniture

Make your dream bedroom a reality with our magnificent selection of bedroom furniture like headboards, dressers, wardrobes, cabinets, side tables, and accessories like wall decors, lighting fixtures, and bedding items.

Pick up the right bed for your needs from the vast collection of beds showcasing luxury and contemporary design. The stylish home furniture sets a trendy tone for your space. The adorable home furniture, available in various sizes and design, provide you with comfort and better sleep.

Bedroom accessories

Enhance your bedroom decoration by adding luxurious bed sheets, duvet covers, quilts, pillows, cushions, and covers.

The bedroom doesn’t look complete without at least a bedside table. It is a place where you can store books, glasses, chargers, and everything in between. Find a wide range of stylish bedside tables that match our beds and other bedroom furniture at

Nightstands and simple tables can also have a place in your bedroom which depends on the size of your room and your storage needs.

Dress your walls in elegance with beautiful wall decors, decorative mirrors, photos, vases of flowers and artworks.

Bedroom lighting

Table lamps, lanterns, or artful pendant lights are other alternatives to make your bedroom look gorgeous. Properly placed lamps can have a positive impact bringing beauty and light to your space.

Fill your bedroom with furniture that satisfies your eyes, bedroom accessories that welcome you to get settled and personal treasures that make you grin. After all, your bedroom may be the most favourite room in your home. Do visit and buy online the right furniture and accessories that suit your room to make it gorgeous and more beautiful.


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