• Candy holder in White for Perfect Dining Table Setting

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    Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap
    Colour: White


    About the product: Adorn your dining table top with this shiny white-coloured candy holder. Such a candy holder, perfect for any table setting, is easily available in Sharjah. Bearing lace-like design at the border, the plates of the candy holder are easily portable through the loop handle. The holder, being shiny white in colour, emits lustre. The candy holder is large enough to accommodate loads of candies. The white candy holder complements your dining table decor. The candy plate measures 42.5 cm in height. Shop now if you are looking for a candy holder that you may use daily and for special occasions.

    How to care the product: You can clean the shiny white-coloured candy holder using a soft dry cloth and it becomes as good as new. You may not be advised to use damp cloth to clean the candy holder. It is not dishwasher safe too.

    Why buy the product: Bring home the classy white-coloured candy holder that complements your dining table decoration. It is space saving, can be placed in any part of the dining room and is portable. If you wish to add an elegant touch to your dining area, make sure to add this to your dinnerware set.

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