• Ceramic White Bowls with Tray

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    Material: Porcelain
    Length (cm): 36
    Height (cm): 6
    Width (cm): 13
    Diameter (cm): 13.5
    Care Instructions: Do not use brush when washing
    Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 36x13x6
    Set Includes: 8 pieces dinner plate, 8 pieces soup plate, 8 pieces dessert plate, 8 pieces tea cup and 8 pieces saucer, 1 piece salad bowl, 1 piece oval plate, 1 piece creamer and 1 piece sugar pot with lid
    Weight (kg): 1.2
    Height: 12
    Width: 13.5
    Colour: White


    About the product: These are white-coloured bowl in a set of four. The three small white-coloured bowls are placed elegantly on the tray made from cement. The tray lends a crude contemporary look. The bowls are removable from the tray. The ceramic bowls form an important part of your dinnerware set. They can be easily found in Sharjah. The overall look and feel of the white-coloured bowl in a set of four makes it worth buying. You may store tiny items in these bowls or enjoy them as your dining room decor. The white-coloured bowl in a set of four measures 36x13x6 (LXBXH) cm.

    How to care for the product: You may not brush the white-coloured bowl in a set of four when washing. They are not fit for hand wash or dish wash. Unlike melamine, the ceramic bowls are breakable and hence, need care at your end.

    Why buy the product: You may choose to shop for the white-coloured bowl in a set of four, as it is elegant. They are the perfect dining table set item to fulfil your storage and serving needs. You may present them as gift to your close ones. Set your table perfect with these ceramic bowls in white; interestingly placed on the cement tray.

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