• Cute Gold Bundtlette Pan to Accessorize your Kitchen

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    SKU: 96088
    Material: Aluminium
    Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap
    Weight (kg): 0.45
    Colour: Gold


    About the product: Make your guests feel delighted with bite-sized cakes. The cute gold-coloured bundtlette pan in Sharjah makes you charm-shaped cakes, candies, and quick breads. It has 12 cavities. Made from cast aluminium, the bakeware ensures you high quality baking performance. You may consider buying this kitchenware item, as it has excellent heat conduction. The heavy walled cute gold-coloured bundtlette pan is good conductor of heat. Baked goods, therefore, rise evenly, cook more uniformly; boasting of delectable golden crusts. The special non-stick premium coating and heat reflective exterior ensures uniform browning and results that are stick-free.

    How to care for the product: You need to take proper care of the cute gold-coloured bundtlette pan. Before the first use and post subsequent uses, you need to hand wash the kitchenware item with soapy and warm water. It should then be rinsed and dried with towel.

    Why buy the product: You may present the cute gold-coloured bundtlette pan to someone special, as it may be a wonderful gift, irrespective of the occasion. The kitchenware item is made from cast aluminium and carried non-stick premium coating. It conducts heat well, which in turn, assures baking performance of the highest quality. The 12 cavities of the bakeware serves many guests at the same time. The gold colour makes the cute bundtlette pan luxuriously elegant.

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