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    Tulip Vase Pink

    Sku: 110631
    Price: AED 92
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Adorable Vases to Adorn Your Space!

Give an attractive look to your home by decorating it with beautiful flowers, be it real or artificial doesn’t matter. For adorning your home space with flowers, vases are a must. Vases are such home decor items which effortlessly transforms your home.

A Must-have for Living Room Decoration!

A vase is a container which can be used to beautifully decorate adorable flowers or plants. The living room decor item completely changes the ambience of your home and makes it look more attractive. Explore wide range of vases available at crafted from good quality products. We at 2xl, have vases in different size, shape and colours. Choose the right vase keeping in mind your interiors, home space and purpose.

Vases, depending on its size can be placed in different places of your home. Small flower vases can be placed on table-tops whereas big vases can be placed on the floors as well. Place big vases on the entryway of your house and it gives a refreshing welcome to your guests. From small flowers, plants to big branch sticks can be kept in the vases. The modern decor item can be kept in the built-in wall niches as well. The vases being multi-functional can be kept in different rooms of your house, be in living room bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom.

We at have designer vases made from durable material which makes it long-lasting. The durable feature makes it an ideal buy. Also the beautiful flower vases complements your home furniture as well and raises the bar of your house decoration. You can keep flowers as well as your small belongings in the vases and make your house clutter-free. The vases at 2xl is designed to decorate both small flowers, plants and big plants with branches as well. It also can act a perfect gifting solution.

Buy Elegant Vases Online!

Shop stylish and budget-friendly vases at to give your house a complete look. Get ready for a refreshing experience by shopping online at 2XL.

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