Want to upgrade your living space with lots of shimmer and shine? A chandelier is a beautiful embellishment to brighten up your abode adding a warm touch to its decor. It is like a piece of jewellery to ornate your living space.

Best place to buy chandeliers online

Is it time to choose a new lighting fixture for your dining room, living room, bedroom, or entryway? Then, check out for an amazing selection of unique chandeliers to adorn your home. Get a bit creative to cheer up your space with some incredibly fancy and decorative chandeliers.  

A classic choice for a modern elegance!

The stunning features of classic chandeliers can make a lasting impression. We have an extensive stock of intricately designed chandeliers for your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, entry way or foyer that will work with all sorts of decor. Get ready to bring some life to your house decoration with the best and unique chandeliers which radiate modern elegance.

Simply light the entryway or foyer of your home with the splendid collection of foyer chandeliers available at 2XL. It is the entryway lighting your guests will be noticed first when they visit your home. Set a good impression of your home to guests by opting beautiful lighting fixtures.

Cast a warm glow over your dining room or living room by selecting the right light fixture. It is wise to choose larger chandeliers as they work well as beautiful centerpieces bringing glitz and glamour. Make sure to pick up the vast variety of modern style chandeliers which can be a delightful choice for your dining room or living room. You can find some matchless and unique fixtures that have mixed materials at 2XL.

While appropriate lighting and design are important in all areas of your home, the bedroom is a special place where proper lighting design can make a world of difference. The best way to illuminate your bedroom is by choosing small chandeliers. Such chandeliers make a beautiful enhancement to your bedroom fetching glamour and elegance. The bedroom chandeliers give ambient light that illuminates the whole room creating more comfort and a soothing atmosphere.

Go classic

Make sure to have a glance at the wide collection of some modern and contemporary chandeliers having convenient and stylish features. Large contemporary chandeliers make any room in your home stand out with a touch of glam. The modern and contemporary lighting from 2XL ensures a timeless choice. Remember, the right lighting arrangement makes you more cheerful and calm.

Our collection of expensive chandeliers offer an impeccable blend of luxury and sophistication. Expensive chandeliers are always a style statement providing your home with an expression of grace and grandeur instantly elevating the luxury as well.    

Explore classic antique chandeliers which would fit in with your interiors quite comfortably. Such nice chandeliers would give your room a chic look while retaining a traditional style. Our world-class designer chandeliers available in multiple colours and sizes effortlessly blends innovative designs with stunning illumination.

Chandeliers online shopping

A chandelier not only sheds light into a room, but it adds class to your space by making a powerful visual impression on your friends and family. Whether you’re searching for traditional or latest trends, 2XL’s selection of chandeliers helps you to find the perfect piece at the perfect price. Visit to make a perfect choice and buy affordable chandeliers online in UAE to get what’s best for you.

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    Chandelier Antique Brass

    Sku: 104579
    Price: AED 1,269
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    Lisbon Chandelier Gold

    Sku: 103914
    Price: AED 1,179
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    Laura Chandelier Gold

    Sku: 104563
    Price: AED 1,069
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    Chandelier Mat Gold

    Sku: 89883
    Price: AED 1,709
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