• Decorative Tray in Antique Ivory to Accessorize your Dining Room

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    SKU: 92838
    Material: Polyresin
    Height (cm): 14.5
    Width (cm): 22.8
    Diameter (cm): 22.8
    Colour: White


    About the product:Bring home the antique ivory-coloured decorative tray that looks beautiful with floral shaped carvings all around. The look and feel of the tray is antique. This dinnerware set item serves your guests the most special way. Made from resin, the antique ivory-coloured decorative tray is handcrafted and tastefully designed. The printed glass in the middle appeals to all senses. This dining room accessory in UAE fulfils serving and decoration purposes. Buy this dining table set item now and pamper your guests this dinner party. The antique ivory-coloured decorative tray measures 14.5 cm in height and 22.8 cm in width. It has a diameter of 22.8 cm.

    How to care for the product:You may clean the antique ivory-coloured decorative tray with a dry cloth. Do not hand wash or dish wash it. Doing so may harm the beautiful decorative tray. You need to take care while maintaining it.

    Why buy the product:First, you should buy the antique ivory-coloured decorative tray, as it is stylish and a perfect gift for someone special or close to your heart. Second, the dinnerware set item symbolizes antiqueness and luxury. Third, it may be used to serve as well as dining room decoration.

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