• Designer Toilet Brush Holder in White Bathroom Accessory

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    SKU: 92038
    Material: Polyresin
    Materials: Polyresin
    Length (cm): 12
    Width (cm): 12
    Height (cm): 19.8
    Colour: White


    About the product: Clean your toilet in style with this uniquely designed Toilet Brush Holder. The white-coloured toilet brush holder bathroom accessory in Sharjah measures 12x12x19.8 cm. Made out of poly resin, it is small and does not take much of your bathroom space. Buy now the hand painted brush holder; well carved with beads and leafy motifs. The broad heavy base of the holder makes it look more appealing. The long, soft, and dense bristles of the brush make cleaning easy and fast. The brush handle is easy on grip and looks attractive. Made from plated stainless steel, the handle is robust, not prone to rusting or breaking-off. The circular disc design of the toilet brush protects your hands from splashes and stains at the time of washing the toilet.

    How to care for the product: This handcrafted toilet brush holder in white is easy to maintain. You may clean holder with a dry cloth or wipe it clean with a wet soft cloth. You may wash the bristles of the brush with liquid soap and water. The handle of the brush can be cleaned with a dry or wet cloth.

    Why buy the product: The modern style and white colour of the beautifully designed toilet brush holder complements your existing modern bathroom decor as well as accessories. The long, soft, and dense brush bristles are efficient in removing all kinds of stubborn stains. They even prevent your toilet from scratching. Toilet brush with ergonomic modern design boasts of a practical and durable handle. The holder has a hygienic closed bottom design.

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