• Elegant Clear Soap Dispenser for Bathroom Decor

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    SKU: 94926
    Material: Glass
    Materials: Glass
    Length (cm): 6.8
    Width (cm): 6.8
    Height (cm): 20.4
    Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 6.8x6.8x20.4
    Colour: Gold


    About the product: Decorate your bathroom with the clear soap dispenser that comes with metallic nozzle. Such decoration items for bathroom are easily available in Sharjah. The soap dispenser is elegantly designed with carvings in the glass. The pump in gold colour is easy to use and soft to press and release. It epitomizes luxury and elegance, adding to the beauty of any bathroom decor. The best part about the clear soap dispenser is that it goes well with any bath decor. Made from glass, the dispenser measures 6.8x6.8x20.4 (LXBXH) cm.  

    How to care for the product: You may clean it with a soft dry cloth. Being easy on cleanliness and maintenance, you may use the clear soap dispenser daily.

    Why buy the product: You may buy the clear soap dispenser, as it is elegant. The dispenser lends a royal touch to the entire bathroom decor. The bathroom accessory is easy in terms of functionality. It complements any bath decor. The soap dispenser epitomizes elegance in luxury. It is large enough to hold soap in large quantities. You may buy it now to present it to someone special. The transparent body of the dispenser with metallic nozzle in gold makes the entire package interesting and attractive.

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