• Elegant Silver Rectangular Tray with Tassel

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    SKU: 87394
    Hsn Code: 73269099
    Material: Brass
    Length (cm): 47
    Width (cm): 14
    Care Instructions: Clean with damp cloth lightly after each use. Do not dish wash. Only hand wash.
    Colour: Silver


    About the product:This may look like a regular silver-coloured rectangular serving tray but its elegance touches all hearts. The dining table set item in Sharjah plays an important role in your dining room decoration. Buy this elegant silver-coloured rectangular serving tray now. An ideal table setting calls for serving trays, especially the rectangular ones with tassel. Made from brass and stainless steel, this dinnerware set item measures 47 cm long and 14 cm wide.

    How to care for the product:The rectangular tray in silver colour is not meant for hand wash or dish wash. You may clean it with damp cloth lightly after each use. Do not put in dishwasher, as doing so may affect its lustre. Serving trays and cracker trays of other kinds need not be washed but can always be cleaned with a soft wet or dry cloth.

    Why buy the product:If you are seeking a serving tray for daily use, you may set your table with the silver-coloured rectangular serving tray. The dining table set item complements with all dining room decoration. You may present the serving tray as part of the dinnerware set to someone special. This dining room accessory is must in every contemporary home.

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