• Elegant White Matt Candy Plate in your Dining Table Set

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    SKU: 92931
    Hsn Code: 7323990000
    Material: Iron
    Height (cm): 37.5
    Width (cm): 27.5
    Diameter (cm): 27.5
    Colour: White


    About the product: This is an elegant candy plate in white matt to serve your kids and their friends. Such dining room accessories in Dubai add to the beauty of any table setting. Spiral in its shape, the plates connect well through a rod with a strong cup-like grip. The candy plate is, therefore, easily portable. Made from iron and painted in white matt colour, it has enough space to accommodate candies and chocolates. Shop now the elegant white matt-coloured candy plate that is 27.50 cm wide and 37.50 cm in height. Its diameter is 27.50 cm.

    How to care for the product: Wipe clean the simple yet elegant white matt-coloured candy plate. Use a soft cloth while cleaning candy plate in your dining table set. Remember that candy plates form an indispensable part of your dining table set, irrespective of the occasion.

    Why buy the product: First, you may consider buying the white matt-coloured candy plate because it is elegant. You may use it daily. Second, it is spacious enough to hold loads of candies for your kids and their friends. Strong at grip, such candy plates are easily portable. Third and most important, it goes well with any kind of dining room decor or table setting. White is a colour that adds to the beauty of all the other colours around.

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