• Elegantly Designed Gold-Coloured Table mat Ideal for your Dining Table Set

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    SKU: 96373
    Hsn Code: 630000000000
    Material: Tulle
    Length (cm): 140
    Width (cm): 40
    Weight (kg): 0.09
    Colour: Gold


    About the product: Decorate your dining table with this gold-coloured table mat. Made from tulle fabric, it bears a lacy pattern beautifully decorated with leaves and flowers which adds to the beauty of the table mat and complements your dining table decor. Such dining room accessories are easily available in Sharjah. It measures 140 cm in length and 40 cm in width. It helps to avoid breakage of any tea cup set when placed over it. Shop now the gold-coloured table mat if you wish to impress your guests.

    How to care the product: You may dry clean the gold-coloured table mat. You may not be advised to machine wash the table mat as its lacy pattern might get damaged. You may not be advised to clean it with a damp cloth as that might ruin it. Try to keep it away from dirt and stains.

    Why buy the product: Tastefully designed with a lacy pattern, the gold-coloured table mat complements your dining table decoration. It is suitable to be used as a dining room decor. If you wish to complete your dining area, make sure to add this to your dinnerware set. Made from tulle, makes it look adorable and lovely. Next time you invite your guests, do not forget to keep the table mat patterned with laces on your dining table top.

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