• Floral Shape Serving Bowl Dinnerware in White

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    Material: Ceramic
    Height (cm): 4.2
    Width (cm): 12.1
    Diameter (cm): 13.5
    Care Instructions: Handwash and dishwasher safe
    Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 10x9x22.5
    Set Includes: 8 pieces dinner plate, 8 pieces soup plate, 8 pieces dessert plate, 8 pieces tea cup and 8 pieces saucer, 1 piece salad bowl, 1 piece oval plate, 1 piece creamer and 1 piece sugar pot with lid
    Height: 20.5
    Width: 13.5
    Colour: White


    About the product:This is a groovy white-coloured bowl in small shape. The bowl forms an indispensable part of any dinnerware set in Sharjah. The bowl looks beautiful in floral shape and serves one person. It looks simple yet elegant. The dining table set item adds to the beauty of your dining table decor. You may use the groovy white-coloured bowl for serving or decoration. Unlike melamine, the ceramic bowl is breakable. Buy this dinnerware set item now to accessorize your dining table. The groovy white-coloured bowl is 4.20 cm in height and 12.10 cm wide. It has a diameter of 12.10 cm.

    How to care for the product:You may hand wash the groovy white-coloured bowl. You may even put it in dishwasher. You just need to handle it carefully, since it is breakable.

    Why buy the product:First, the white-coloured serving bowl in groovy shape can be used for your daily dining needs. It is easy and quick on maintenance. The floral shape of the bowl makes it attractive. You may put the floral shape white-coloured dining table set item to twin uses

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