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    Off-White Half Tree Surround to Complete your Garden Furniture

    Sku: 97120
    Price AED 919 AED 689 Special Price AED 689
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    Off-White Bridge to Complete your Garden Furniture

    Sku: 97121
    Price AED 1,649 AED 1,236 Special Price AED 1,236
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    Off-White Gate to Complete your Garden Furniture

    Sku: 97122
    Price AED 1,559 AED 1,169 Special Price AED 1,169
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    Off-White Fence to Complete your Garden Furniture

    Sku: 97123
    Price AED 999 AED 749 Special Price AED 749
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    Lou One-Seater sofa in White for House Decoration

    Sku: 92198
    Price AED 2,670 AED 2,002 Special Price AED 2,002
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    Kelsie Floral Chair for Ideal House Decoration

    Sku: 100905
    Price AED 3,795 AED 2,277 Special Price AED 2,277
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    Elegant Metal Shelf in White Ideal for Home Decor

    Sku: 93122
    Price AED 342 AED 171 Special Price AED 171
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    Large Cream Console Table for Modern Decor

    Sku: 95612
    Price AED 3,979 AED 994 Special Price AED 994
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    Stone-Coloured Console Ideal for Modern Decor

    Sku: 90779
    Price AED 2,263 AED 565 Special Price AED 565
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   Furniture forms an integral and most important part of your home as it transforms your home completely. Buying and placing home furniture in your living space makes your life easier and more comfortable. It is very important to choose functional furniture pieces for your home. Choose the furniture designs wisely understanding and using your home space!

   Living Room Furniture

   Lend a classy texture to your living space by selecting useful and comfortable living room furniture.

   Placing a coffee table in your living room helps you enjoy a hot tea or coffee with friends and family.

   TV stands are an essential furniture accessory that completes your living space. You may keep your television and also place house decoration items on it and uplift the look of your room.

   Sofas, corner sofas, chairs, and benches should be picked on the basis of the space available in your living room as well as looking after the comfort. While selecting the seating you must look for the good quality fabric used in making the furniture as well as that the furniture’s seating should be high-cushioned so that you can relax well after a tiring day!

   Dining Room Furniture

   Invite your friends for a dinner and dine in style by placing traditional or contemporary design dining table and chairs as per your choice. Choosing the right dining table design will fetch you compliments from your friends. Dine in style with the classic dining tables and chairs available at

   Bedroom Furniture

   The bedroom is hands down the most important room in your house, as it is the place where you get a sound sleep. So you need to choose the bedroom furniture which leads you towards it. We provide a wide range of single, king-size, queen-size and super king-size beds. Choose the beds as per your requirement and comfort. Our classy beds upgrade the look of your bedroom decoration!

   Make use of functional furniture designs available at Place small stuff in your home inside the cabinet so that you can store things in an organized manner. Also, you can place flower vases, candle holders and photo frames on the cabinets and make use of the space available. You can decorate your living room or your bedroom with nightstands and drawer chests available online. Our simple yet functional shelves save your space and deck up your room as you place books, home decor items or vases on the shelf.

   We provide multi-functional home furniture items which prove to be useful for your home and helps you elevate the interiors of your home. Come shop online, avail traditional and contemporary style home furniture!




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