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    Classy Gold Metal Shelf for House Decoration

    Sku: 98415
    Price AED 769 AED 230 Special Price AED 230
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    Elegant Metal Shelf in White Ideal for Home Decor

    Sku: 93122
    Price AED 342 AED 171 Special Price AED 171
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There are many home decor accessories, home furniture and other accents which can give your home a makeover. To transform the look of your home you need to ornate it with several house decoration items, like the photo frames, decorative lamps, or any other modern decor item. Shelves help you display the home decor items beautifully.

Ideas for Living Room Decoration

Shelves are a blessing to any home because you can store your knick-knacks on it. The stylish home furniture helps you store your home decor accessories as well as your favourite books. At, we have a variety of shelves in different shapes which can be used differently. Shelves are a good option to display your home accents as they do not take much space. Different shelves can be used in different parts of your house, some designs can be used in the living room while some can be used in the bathroom as well depending on your space and purpose.

Impress your guests by placing a stylish designer shelf in the entryway. The home furniture is perfect to display any home decor items and will enhance your living room decoration. If you are an avid reader, you can deck up the shelves with various books and can transform it into a bookshelf.

Shelves to Decorate Your Space

Beautify your home space with aesthetically designed multi-purpose shelves. The home furniture can be used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom as per your use. The designer shelves display your house decoration items and books in style and raise the bar of your living room decoration. Small shelves can be used in the Bathroom as well. You may store bathroom accessories like towels, tissue boxes or tissue boxes on it. You can place the shelves in your bedroom space as well and keep photo frames or books on it.

At 2XL, we showcase a wide range of shelves to fit your needs. It serves the purpose of appearance as well as utility.

Buy Shelves Online

If you are looking for a budget-friendly shelf, we at help you select the perfect shelf to match your needs. We provide a wide range of shelves created to sustain the needs of modern decor. Ensure style and quality by shopping with us.

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