• Handcrafted Candleholder in Antique Ivory for Home Decor Purpose

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    SKU: 86740
    Material: Polyresin
    Diameter (cm): 6
    Care Instructions: Clean with dry cloth
    Height (cm): 27
    Width: 34
    Colour: White


    About the product: If you are looking for a lovely candleholder that beautifully adorns your living space, this antique ivory-colored and handcrafted candleholder in Sharjah is worth considering. The hurricane is 27 cm long and measures 6 cm in diameter. Made out of poly resin, it is tastefully designed. This handcrafted antique ivory candleholder flaunts engravings with floral and leafy motifs, giving it a beautiful rustic look. Buy this product now online.

    How to care for the product: What makes this antique ivory-colored and handcrafted candleholder worth buying for house decoration is its easy to maintain feature. You may clean it daily or when required with a dry cloth. Please do not wipe it clean with a wet cloth or hand wash it.

    Why buy the product: This antique ivory-colored and handcrafted candleholder has the look, the feel and the elegance to bring any space alive with a Victorian era style of living. It is durable and the color complements with any kind of room setting or decor. The handcrafted hurricane epitomizes beauty and luxury. It looks different from every angle. You may decorate your home in style by placing this magnificent candleholder on your dining table, buffet table or anywhere in the living room. It may serve as the perfect living room decor item. It will impress your guests as well at parties and other events. You may even gift this antique ivory-colored and handcrafted candleholder as a housewarming modern decor gift item to someone special. It may serve well as a great wedding gift too.

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