• Handcrafted Serving Tray in Antique Ivory for Perfect Table Setting

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    SKU: 86739
    Material: Polyresin
    Length (cm): 54.5
    Height (cm): 28.8
    Depth: 3.5
    Colour: White


    About the product:This is an antique ivory-coloured serving tray that you should have in your dinnerware set. Set your table perfect with this dining table set item available in Dubai. Made from poly resin, the serving tray looks stylish and different due to the floral and leafy carvings at the handles and all around. The glass in the middle of the tray also carries an appealing design. This antique ivory-coloured serving tray measures 54.50 cm in length, 28.80 cm in width, and 3.50 cm in its depth.

    How to care for the product:You may clean this serving tray in antique ivory colour only with a dry cloth. You need not hand wash or dish wash the tray, as doing so may harm it.

    Why buy the product:Serving trays are an integral part of your dining table set. This serving tray in antique ivory colour is handcrafted and tastefully designed. The glass in the middle also speaks for itself. It does not also require much on maintenance. Its decorative handles make it easy to handle. The tray just looks perfect for a perfect table setting. It is spacious enough to accommodate food and beverages to serve many guests at the same time.

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