• Handcrafted White Soap Dish for Bathroom Decor

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    Material: Polyresin
    Materials: Polyresin
    Length (cm): 13.8
    Width (cm): 10.5
    Height (cm): 2.5
    Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 13.8x10.5x2.5
    Colour: White


    About the product: This is a handcrafted white-colored soap dish, a perfect bathroom accessory for your bathing needs. The soap dish measures 13.8x10.5x2.5 cm. Crafted from poly resin, this bathroom accessory in Dubai is hand-painted. What makes the product unique are the carvings on the inner of the dish. The handcrafted white-colored soap dish is embossed on the sides and rests on a broad heavy base that lends it height. It looks appealing from every angle. It may be small but looks elegant and adorable. Present the bathroom decor item to your close ones that complements other bathroom accessories. The dish rests well on most sinks and vanities.

    How to care for the product: The best part about the handcrafted white-colored soap dish is its being easy on maintenance. You may clean it with dry cloth. Water does not harm the product but, you may not hand wash it.

    Why buy the product: This handcrafted white-colored soap dish is worth buying because of multiple reasons. First, because it is smart in design. Second, it is strong and durable. Third, it emits an antique look. Fourth, the soap dish looks elegant and stylish. The handcrafted dish in white complements any bathroom decor. It minimizes mess; keeping soap residue and residue off tiles, countertops, and sinks.

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