• Jhenna Multi-colour Dinnerware Set for Perfect Table Setting

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    Material: Porcelain
    Set Includes: 8 pieces dinner plate, 8 pieces soup plate, 8 pieces dessert plate, 8 pieces cup and 8 pieces saucer, 1 piece teapot with lid, 1 piece sugar pot with lid, 1 piece creamer pot, 1 piece salad bowl, 1 piece oval plate
    Colour: Multicolour


    About the product: Bring home the multi-coloured Jhenna Dinnerware Set that can add colours to any dining table setting. This dinnerware set available in UAE can go well with any kind of dining table decor. Available in a set of 47, the dining table set item consists of 8 dinner plates, 8 soup plates, 8 dessert plates, 8 tea cups, 8 saucers, 1 teapot with lid, 1 sugar pot with lid, 1 salad bowl, 1 oval plate, and 1 creamer pot. Made from porcelain, you may shop for the multi-coloured Jhenna Dinnerware Set now or present it to someone close to your heart.

    How to care for the product: The best part about the multi-coloured Jhenna Dinnerware Set is that it is dishwasher safe. You may even hand wash it with sponge scourer and mild soap to clean and maintain the dinnerware set.

    Why buy the product: You have enough good reasons to buy the multi-coloured Jhenna Dinnerware Set. First, the multi-coloured dining table set item adds to the colour of your dining table. It complements any dining room decor. The dinnerware set is complete with all the components needed for a luxurious dining experience. It is easy on cleanliness and maintenance.

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