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Coffee and tea set are one of the dining accessories which is used in your day to day life.  Everyone likes to enjoy their tea in a cup that enhances the flavor of the tea so choosing the right tea cups, mugs, glasses or cawa cups is very essential. If you have regular visitors at your place, do make a point to stock up your home with dining table decor for different occasions.

Coffee and Tea Set- Must for Daily Life!

The majority of people start their morning with a sip of tea or coffee, and to enjoy that a classy cup or mug is required. A tea and coffee set includes any dinnerware item which helps to enjoy your favourite beverage. At 2XL, we have a wide range of varieties of tea glasses, cawa cups, mugs, cups, and saucers.

Create a perfect table setting by choosing the right coffee and tea set at 2XL helps you to transform your dining area in a more sophisticated manner. Choose the appropriate coffee and tea set to complement your dinnerware set and enhance your dining table set.

If you are looking for everyday use to enjoy a cup of tea, then tea cups are a perfect choice. If you are planning to host a tea-party then you can opt for cawa cups, tea cups, cups, and saucers which are available in a set that fulfills your requirement. Coffee mugs are mere perfect if you wish to sit in your balcony and enjoy a good chit-chatting with your friend or partner. We have classy mugs to complement your home decor accessory as well. Similarly, cawa cups are perfect if you are hosting big tea parties or during any social gathering. Shop aesthetically designed cawa cups at and make your parties extra special.

At 2XL, we assure coffee and tea set crafted from good material which makes it an ideal buy. The most important feature of the tea cup set is that it is substantial for everyday use. Most of the accessories under the coffee and tea set are made from stoneware, glass, ceramic and porcelain, such materials ensure the dinnerware item to last longer.

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Ornate your dining room with coffee and tea set which is a must for any household. If you are looking for budget-friendly dining essentials then come shop at


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