Coffee Tables

A Coffee table is a household item intended to be put before or beside a couch so as to help the refreshments. Spot it in your door and make an enduring impact on your visitors.

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Select from a wide scope of tastefully structured foot stools which is an absolute necessity for your homes. Look at and select your preferred end table. Enhance your living space with the multi-useful furniture piece!

Rich Coffee Tables to style your home

Furniture gives solace and accommodation to your living space and end table is one such home furniture which ends up being a perfect purchase. These days individuals abstain from purchasing the foot stools so as to spare space in their home yet truly, the tasteful lounge room furniture has an all-inclusive esteem and is really a flexible household item.

Adorn your front room with the rich foot stool. Appreciate long discussions with your visitors with a taste of espresso served on the end table. They are ideal for any formal just as casual events.

Get one of a kind plans to improve your family room by putting show pieces, books or magazines on the end tables. It is certain to increase present expectations of your home adornment.

Tastefully planned end tables for your home

An end table is a bit of must-have furniture for your front room. It has a multi-practical utilization which prompts one to add to your home furniture list. Be it a little assembling or a major gathering, the foot stool can be additionally be utilized to put plates of sustenance. The foot stool can be made to use in a few different ways, a portion of the ways are as recorded underneath:

• You may appreciate eating snacks by setting your plate on the end table.

• Relax well and appreciate sitting in front of the TV following a tiring day utilizing the end table as a     hassock.

• Impress your visitors by setting the end table in the portal or the living space of your home.

So you have every one of the motivations to shop the foot stool accessible in a wide range at

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Select the foot stools according to your taste and needs. We have expanded assortment of foot stools which will most likely supplement your home style. Pick the table contingent upon your financial limit, size, space, and usefulness. The material of the foot stool is tough which makes it sturdy and dependable. Come shop online at 2XL your preferred furniture store!

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    Karim Coffee Table Brown

    Sku: 110427
    Price: AED 1,795
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    New Stellar Coffee table

    Sku: 109724
    Price: AED 4,995
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    Alia Coffee Table White

    Sku: 108250
    Price: AED 3,995
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    Ombre Coffee Table

    Sku: 90957
    Price: AED 4,095
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