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    Round Knitted Basket in Cream Colour As Bathroom Supplies

    Sku: 86074
    Price AED 24 AED 18 Special Price AED 18
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    White Round Knitted Basket As Bathroom Supplies

    Sku: 89706
    Price AED 29 AED 21 Special Price AED 21
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    Basket in Natural-Dark Blue Colour for Home Decor

    Sku: 93629
    Price AED 128 AED 64 Special Price AED 64
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    Cream-coloured Oval Knitted Basket As Bathroom Decoration Item

    Sku: 84085
    Price AED 26 AED 19 Special Price AED 19
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Baskets- Multi-functional Home Decor Accessory

Storage is a very important aspect in a day to day life. Sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain a clutter-free and organized life. Baskets help you to keep your small belongings within reach. You can stuff small essentials in one corner of your room and get easy availability of the same. Such baskets make your life much easier.

At we showcase multi-functional baskets. The baskets which can be used in the living room, bedroom or dining area can be used in the bathroom area also. Browse a wide range of baskets online and give a classic addition to your modern decor.

Stylish Storage Solution

Baskets are a smart solution to your storage problems. The small essentials cluttered here and there in your living room can be arranged in an organized manner by storing them in the baskets. Such a small home decor essential enhances your living room decoration. You may store books, photo albums, and other family essentials in the basket. It can also be used in the bedroom, to keep the toys, throws or even small jewellery items.

Apart from the house decoration, the baskets can also be used in the kitchen or dining area to store dining essentials like the napkin, cutlery items, and many more things. Bathroom storage is one important thing that is often overlooked. The basket is one important bathroom accessory where you can store bathroom towels and keep it tidy. It surely enhances your bathroom decoration as well. At 2XL, we have baskets made from good material and easy on maintenance which makes it an ideal buy.

Shop Storage Solution Online

We have answers to all your storage problems, baskets are one such home decor accessory. It can be used as a picnic bag as well as a house decoration item. It is lightweight and is easy to carry. We at, also have a great variety of baskets which are also available in sets. If you are looking for the budget-friendly basket which serves the purpose of utility and appearance then 2XL is a perfect choice!

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