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    Matrix Gold Coffee Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 95083
    Price AED 3,295 AED 2,141 Special Price AED 2,141
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    Singo Natural Dark Coffee Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 103864
    Price AED 8,095 AED 6,071 Special Price AED 6,071
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    Trier Black Coffee Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 101507
    Price AED 2,025 AED 1,113 Special Price AED 1,113
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    Teagan Copper Coffee Table Must for House Decoration

    Sku: 97724
    Price AED 1,275 AED 637 Special Price AED 637
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    Alan Copper Coffee Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 97727
    Price AED 945 AED 472 Special Price AED 472
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    Hive Light Beige Coffee Table Must for House Decoration

    Sku: 96478
    Price AED 1,345 AED 336 Special Price AED 336
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A Coffee table is a piece of furniture designed to be placed in front of or next to a sofa in order to support the beverages. Place it in your entryway and create a lasting impression on your guests.

Shop Coffee Tables Online

Select from a wide range of aesthetically designed coffee tables which is a must for your homes. Check out and select the coffee table of your choice. Adorn your living space with the multi-functional furniture piece!

Elegant Coffee Tables to style your home

Furniture provides comfort and convenience to your living space and coffee table is one such home furniture which proves to be an ideal buy. Nowadays people avoid buying the coffee tables in order to save space in their house but in reality, the classy living room furniture has an extended value and is actually a versatile piece of furniture.

Decorate your living room or sitting room with the elegant coffee table. Enjoy long conversations with your guests with a sip of coffee served on the coffee table. They are perfect for any formal as well as informal occasions.

Get unique ideas to decorate your living room by placing show pieces, books or magazines on the coffee tables.  It is sure to raise the bar of your house decoration.

Aesthetically designed coffee tables for your home

A coffee table is a piece of must-have furniture for your living room. It has a multi-functional usage which prompts one to add to your home furniture list. Be it a small gathering or a big party, the coffee table can be also be used to place plates of food. The coffee table can be made to use in several ways, some of the ways are as listed below:

  • You may enjoy eating snacks by placing your plate on the coffee table.
  • Relax well and enjoy watching television after a tiring day using the coffee table as a footrest.
  • Impress your guests by placing the coffee table in the entryway or the living space of your home.

So you have all the reasons to shop the coffee table available in a wide range at

Buy Coffee Tables online!

Select the coffee tables as per your taste and needs. We have diversified variety of coffee tables which will surely complement your home decor. Choose the table depending on your budget, size, space, and functionality. The material of the coffee table is durable which makes it durable and long-lasting. Come shop online at 2XL your favourite furniture store!


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