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    Hearst Brown Side Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 96625
    Price AED 3,145 AED 1,258 Special Price AED 1,258
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    Alea Gold Side Table for House Decoration

    Sku: 96660
    Price AED 2,895 AED 1,447 Special Price AED 1,447
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Embellish your home space with classy side tables

Furniture is one important element to ornate your living space, and side table even though being a small home decor item forms a major role in house decoration. Side tables add style to your living room or any space instantly. The enticing home furniture is a must to tie up any space together.

Revamp your home with our aesthetic side tables!

Provide an alluring look to your living room decoration, with the classy side tables available at Elegant home furniture is a perfect storage solution for your living space. Side tables play a major role in enhancing the look of your living room decor. The living room gives an impression about the inmates of the house and side tables help you fetch you compliments. Get ideas to decorate your living room, by placing flower vases, books or other home decor items on the side table. The side table also helps you serve drinks to your guests. The living room furniture item helps you keep your belongings in a disciplined manner and keeps your space clutter-free.

Add extra shine to your living space by placing the classy side tables. Uplift your modern decor with modish side table designs which are multi-functional as well.

Mix and match the side tables as per your taste. The house decoration item can be placed in your living room or bedroom. Lend a look of sophistication to your bedroom by placing side tables on both the sides of your sofa or bed. You may place table lamps on the side table. After a reading session, you can relax keeping your book on the side table and switch off the table lamp. A bedroom without a side table is like eating bread without butter. You can find elegant designs of side tables at 2XL to match your style and space.

Ornate your living room or bedroom by adding side tables to it. Buy the home furniture online which in turn will deck up your space in a more stylish way. Good material is one basic necessity for furniture. We offer a large variety of furniture made from sturdy material which can be used on a daily basis.

Make the right choice by selecting the perfect side table depending on your home decor. Accentuate your home by choosing aesthetic side tables available at

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