• Rectangular Placemat in Gold to Adorn your Dining Table Top

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    SKU: 93392
    Material: PVC
    Length (cm): 45
    Width (cm): 33
    Weight (kg): 0.1
    Colour: Gold


    About the product: Lend an elegant look to your dining table top with this gold-coloured rectangular placemat. Such a placemat complements well with any kind of dinnerware set. Made out of PVC, it is durable and easy to maintain. Gold in colour the placemat adds style to any dining room decor. Such dining room accessories are easily available in UAE. It helps to avoid noise and breakage of any tea cup set when placed over it. Shop now the gold-coloured rectangular placemat if you wish to impress your guests.

    How to care the product: You can clean the gold-coloured rectangular placemat with a dry cloth. You may not be advised to clean it with a damp cloth to maintain it well.

    Why buy the product: Gold-coloured placemat complements your dining table decoration. Invite your guests and do not forget to keep the placemat on your dining table top. Easy on maintenance makes it an ideal buy. Made from PVC, makes it durable and suitable for daily use. Such dining room accessories can be used as a home decor item as well. Complete your dinnerware set by adding this gold-coloured rectangular placemat.

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