• Set of 4 Nickel Coffee Spoon for Ideal Table Setting

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    SKU: 94087
    Material: Brass
    Unit Components/Number of pieces: 4
    Set Includes: Coffee Spoon
    Colour: Silver


    About the product: Available in a set of four, the nickel-coloured coffee spoon is a must in every kitchen. The kitchenware item looks adorable and lustrous. The spoon measuring 12.5 cm is made from brass and can be used on a daily basis. When kept on your dining table, they enhance its beauty, preparing for the ideal table setting. Shop now the nickel-coloured coffee spoon which is sure to complement any dinnerware set.

    How to care for the product: It is easy to take care of the nickel-coloured coffee spoon, it can be cleaned with a soft sponge. It is dishwasher safe. Use a soft cloth to dry the spoon. You are not advised to use abrasive cleaners on the spoon as it may leave scratches.

    Why buy the product: You may shop for the nickel-coloured coffee spoon, available in a set of four, if you are looking for elegant kitchenware. Made from brass, they are tough and long lasting. They are sure to complement any dining table set. You may also present it as a gift to your loved ones. Being easy to clean and maintain, you may use the nickel-coloured coffee spoon on a daily basis.

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