• Set of 4 Silver Napkin Rings for Perfect Table Setting

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    SKU: 97431
    Material: Aluminium
    Height (cm): 5
    Diameter (cm): 3
    Unit Components/Number of pieces: 4
    Colour: Silver


    About the product: Adorn your table napkin with the adorable set of four silver-coloured napkin rings. This dining table set item is a must on every dining table. You may use it daily or only on special occasions. The silver-coloured napkin ring adds to the beauty of your napkin. The key feature of the napkin ring is its design. Made from aluminium, the silver-coloured napkin ring goes well with any table setting. The napkin ring measures 5 cm in height and 3 cm in diameter. It also serves as an ideal dining accessory.

    How to care for the product: You may clean the silver-coloured napkin ring with a dry soft cloth. You may also clean it with a damp cloth. Try to keep it away from dirt and stains.

    Why buy the product: You may choose to decorate your dining table with the silver-coloured napkin ring as silver is a colour that complements with any table top decor. You may use it daily or on special occasions only. Silver design lend a touch of luxury to napkin ring. The silver-coloured napkin ring is must in your dinnerware set, perfectly accessorizing your dining room. Shop now the silver-coloured napkin ring to complement your dining table design.

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