• Stylish Clear Tray for Bathroom Decoration

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    SKU: 94927
    Care Instructions: Machine Wash
    Material: Glass
    Materials: Glass
    Size (WXL) (cm): 30x46
    Length (cm): 27.5
    Width (cm): 14.7
    Height (cm): 3.1
    Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 27.5x14.7x3.1
    Colour: White


    About the product: Decorate your bathroom with the clear oval tray designed interestingly. Beautifully carved, the tray is easily available in Sharjah. It can hold knick-knacks that may be used regularly. This item for your bathroom decoration may look elegant but carries its own style, style that is unique. Made from glass, the clear oval tray measures 27.5x14.7x3.1 (LXBXH) cm. You may place it in any corner of your bathroom for decor or storage purpose.

    How to care for the product: The best part about this clear oval tray is its being easy on maintenance. You may clean it with dry cloth or hand wash it.

    Why buy the product: First, you may choose to buy the clear oval tray, as it looks elegant yet stylish. It is easy on cleanliness and maintenance. The tray can hold enough stuff. Its storage capacity makes it viable to use daily. You may use this modern decor item to adorn any part of your house. You may even present it to your close ones. They may love to have something that looks different yet is functional. The overall look and feel of the tray makes it suitable for storage and decor. Its transparent body makes things kept in it interesting.

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