• Stylish Cracker Tray in Shiny Silver for Perfect Table Setting

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    SKU: 89741
    Hsn Code: 73269099
    Material: Brass
    Length (cm): 46
    Height (cm): 3
    Width (cm): 7
    Care Instructions: Clean with damp cloth lightly after each use. Do not dish wash. Only hand wash.
    Colour: Silver


    About the product: Made from brass and stainless steel, the stylish shiny silver-coloured cracker tray is must in your dinnerware set. This dining room accessory in Dubai pampers your guests with their favourite snacks. This shiny silver-coloured cracker tray looks grainy in its texture. It boasts of robust gold-coloured handles. Easy to carry from one place to the other, the dining table set item makes for the perfect table setting. Present the cracker tray to someone special; making them happier.

    How to care for the product: You may not dish wash or hand wash the stylish silver-coloured cracker tray. It serves you best with your gentle care. You may clean it lightly with damp cloth after each use. Cracker trays and serving trays of other kinds need not be washed but can always be cleaned with a soft wet or dry cloth.

    Why buy the product: Add this stylish cracker tray to your dinnerware set, as it symbolizes luxury and royalty. It emits elegance and can make any occasion special. It can serve many guests at the same time. The cracker tray goes well with all dining room decoration. So, next time you set your table, do not forget to display this tray in your dining table set.

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