• Stylish White Bathroom Tumbler to Accessorize Your Bathroom

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    Material: Fine Bone China
    Materials: Fine Bone China
    Length (cm): 8.5
    Width (cm): 8.5
    Height (cm): 11
    Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 8.5x8.5x11
    Colour: White


    About the product: Irrespective of the use you put this white-coloured bathroom tumbler to, this bathroom accessory in UAE is must in every bathroom. Mouthwash or just rinse in style using the elegant white-coloured bathroom tumbler. Made from fine bone china, the designer bathroom tumbler is stylish. It measures 8.5x8.5x11 (LXBXH) cm. Shop now for the designer rinse cup that comfortably fits on most vanities and sinks. 

    How to care for the product: The best part about this white-coloured bathroom tumbler is its being easy on maintenance. You may clean it with white damp cloth. You may even wash it with water, soap, and soft brush. It is dishwasher safe.

    Why buy the product: You may consider buying the white-coloured bathroom tumbler, as it is very stylish and elegant. The white bathroom accessory complements well with any bathroom decor. The bathroom tumbler is durable and does not crack easily like other regular plastic drinking tumblers. Its perfect size does not take much of your space. You may use this tumbler to preserve your toothbrush, toothpaste, and tongue cleaner. This stunning tumbler acts like an ideal gift for your close ones.

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