• Lovely Candle Tub Gold for Home Decor

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    SKU: 94595
    Length (cm): 5
    Width (cm): 13
    Height (cm): 16
    Dimensions (LXBXH) (cm): 5x13x16
    Hsn Code: 74199930
    Material: Brass
    Colour: Gold


    About the product: Adorn your living room with this lovely gold-plated candle tub easily available in UAE. The rectangular tub is tastefully designed, epitomizing sheer luxury and elegance. The tub is no less than a decorative one that makes for the perfect home decor. The antique look of the house decoration item makes it a lovely buy. Made from brass, this item for home decor measures 5x13x16 (LXBXH) cm. You may accessorize your living room or bedroom with the beautiful gold-coloured candle tub.

    How to care for the product: Made from brass, you may use only soft dry cloth to clean the beautiful gold-coloured candle tub. Do not use damp cloth to clean and maintain the modern decor piece, as it may not be safe to do so.

    Why buy the product: You may choose to buy the beautiful gold-coloured candle tub or present it to someone special, as it looks elegant yet is stylish. The tub design symbolizes luxury, sophistication, and class. This modern decor item, being gold in its colour, complements any living room or bedroom decoration. Made from brass, the decorative lamp is durable yet classy. It is the perfect choice for contemporary homes.

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